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  • The RT3 workshop in Copenhagen planned for 13-14/3/2006 now has an agenda.
  • The RT3 deliverable D3.1.1 is a specification of non-climatic environmental changes at an European level, which should be considered in hind-cast experiments. The presentation of the specifications is ongoing; there are historical land-use data sets available from the HYDE database and fraction of cropland from SAGE.

    We intend to post the DMI translation tables from these parameters to RCM parameters vegetation ratio, albedo, roughness length, and leaf-areas index in the near future.

  • 25/2/05: The minutes from the Copenhagen meeting are here. We have presentations from Bart vd Hurk and Michel Déqué as well. The standard integration area definition as presented by Burkhardt Rockel is here.

Ensembles RT3

Research theme 3 of the ENSEMBLES project has the responsibility for providing improved climate model tools developed in the context of regional models, first at spatial scales of 50 km at a European-wide scale and later also at as high a resolution as 20 km for specified sub-regions ... RT3 will produce a multi-model ensemble based system for regional climate prediction from seasonal to decadal and longer time scales... (quoted from the description of work)

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